Minit review – OPM

“It’s not overly long and the price is right, so if you fancy something different that’s clever and rewarding, with just enough characters to keep you going, this one might well be the one for you.” Read the full review in OPM Issue 149.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame review – OPM

“Ninjago is not the franchise you’d expect to see the the LEGO game brand innovate. But colour us very surprised to see a dynamic combat system appear from nowhere, allowing for air juggles and combos, albeit at a very rudimentary level.” Read the full review in Issue X of Official PlayStation Magazine.

NBA 2K18 review – OPM

“Modes aplenty, customisation up the wazoo, and action that genuinely feels brilliant: NBA 2K18 has it all in spades. It’s a shame that the “art” part of the this game has been so negatively affected by the “business” part, because while it’s still a hearty recommendation from us for the on-the-court action, it’s very hard…

Yakuza Kiwami Review – OPM

“Around the time Goro Majima appears suddenly over your shoulder dressed as a policeman and wanting a ruck while smiling and shouting in his eccentric voice, that’s when you’ll first understand what kind of game Yakuza Kiwami is. Hard shifts from ridiculous, borderline nonsensical things (stab someone in a fight, watch them rum away unharmed),…

Sudden Strike Review – OPM

“There’s a dedication to the source material in Sudden Strike 4 that you can’t help but admire. Great lengths have been traveled to ensure the minute details of conflict have been recognised, and this is a mostly successful stab at a genre that’s generally under-represented on console.” Read the full review in OPM Issue 140.

Jump Stars review – OPM

“When you’ve got the likes of The Jackbox Party Pack available to you, a party game has to be pretty good to make you part with some hard earned cash. While Jump Stars isn’t “bad”, it’s short on things to keep you coming back and lacks a little polish. It’s not one to avoid at…