The Crew 2 review – VideoGamer

“Despite the tone, despite the irritants that will stop you giving hours to it at a time, The Crew 2 isn’t a bad game; I can’t stress that enough. Sure, it’s well made, but it’s uninspiring and, too often, just boring, eschewing the Inception-like world bending the pre-release trailers promised for simple street racing, a…

Hollow Knight review – VideoGamer

“It’s deep and rewarding, but also brooding and destructive. It’s a shame that, very occasionally, the precise platforming is ruined with a random push of the jump button registering a second too late; resulting in damage from spikes, but you can’t have it all, I suppose.” Read the full review on VideoGamer.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit review – VideoGamer

“There are some heart-wrenching moments and there are poorly executed ones, but as a palette cleanser from Chloe and Max’s story, and something to tease season 2 of Life is Strange, it does its job. I’m just not sure where Captain Spirit himself fits into a full season, and it’s possible there may even end…

Mario Tennis Aces review – VideoGamer

“Mario Tennis Aces is a lot of fun away from that Adventure Mode because the mechanics are deep enough to offer a game with longevity in multiplayer. Nintendo has listened here, and made a better game than last time, but the difficulty in that single player mode really does sour things.” Video also produced for…

Detroit: Become Human Review – God is a Geek

“As usual, there’s heart here, but it’s obfuscated by some poor writing and a message that’s just a little too on the nose for its own good. But that’s a Hollywood blockbuster, isn’t it? You come for the explosions and remember the cheesy tear-jerker moments, but Detroid is relentlessly bleak, and I didn’t find myself…

Minit review – OPM

“It’s not overly long and the price is right, so if you fancy something different that’s clever and rewarding, with just enough characters to keep you going, this one might well be the one for you.” Read the full review in OPM Issue 149.

Far Cry 5 review –

“In case you hadn’t realised by now, we like this game a lot. It’s a clever refinement to a series that needed a refresh. Like Assassin’s Creed: Origins last year, Ubisoft has taken a beloved series and given it enough attention to make it feel new again.” Read the full review on

Metal Gear Survive review –

“Konami has delivered an incredibly weird yet strangely compelling game – albeit one with limited appeal. If you’re into the hardcore survival genre, though, there’s definitely something here to feed those self-punishing tendencies.” Read the full review on

Celeste review – God is a Geek

“A sensational platformer with an important story at its heart. Celeste is engaging, rewarding, and reminds us that the reward is worth the hard journey.” Read the full review on God is a Geek.