Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Review – GodisaGeek

“Ultra Sun and Moon feel like the definitive version of an already fantastic game. With plenty to do after the credits have rolled, and new content sprinkled across the story, this is a fitting swansong for Pokemon on the DS family.” Read the full review on GodisaGeek.com

Call of Duty: WWII Review – Stuff.tv

“CoD WWII is a game that wants to have its grizzled, back-to-basics cake and eat it too. For the most part, it gets away with walking this audacious tightrope. Underneath its ultra-visceral graphical polish is the thrilling spirit of arguably the series’ high point: Call of Duty 2. Clichés and marketing buzzwords be damned, but…

Xbox One X Review – GodisaGeek

“Sure, you’ve got the best of both worlds if you do have a 4K HDR capable TV, but it’s the potential draw of the higher frame rate that impresses.” Read the full review on GodisaGeek.com

Super Mario Odyssey Review – God is a Geek

“Moments are present that left me giddy, and made me feel like a child again. Bonus levels directly pay homage to Mario Sunshine, and there are so many similarities, only everything has a modern sheen that makes it eminently playable. I woke up thinking of Odyssey, and when I was away from my Switch I…

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame review – OPM

“Ninjago is not the franchise you’d expect to see the the LEGO game brand innovate. But colour us very surprised to see a dynamic combat system appear from nowhere, allowing for air juggles and combos, albeit at a very rudimentary level.” Read the full review in Issue X of Official PlayStation Magazine.

NBA 2K18 review – OPM

“Modes aplenty, customisation up the wazoo, and action that genuinely feels brilliant: NBA 2K18 has it all in spades. It’s a shame that the “art” part of the this game has been so negatively affected by the “business” part, because while it’s still a hearty recommendation from us for the on-the-court action, it’s very hard…

Stranger Things Season 2 Review – God is a Geek

“For those that remember it, Stranger Things season 2 continues to be a reminder of how far we have, or haven’t, come, and a throwback to a time long gone. Regardless, it’s a bloody good yarn and, despite one poor episode that goes a bit Suicide Squad, everyone can understand how hard it is being…

FIFA 18 Switch Review – God is a Geek

“It feels like a strange amalgamation of the Vita games mixed with FIFA 16 and old-gen FIFA 18, but optimised for Switch. A dated version of FIFA, then, but still a fun one, with plenty to build on for next year.” Read the full review on GodisaGeek.com

Cuphead Review – God is a Geek

“There’s depth and challenge here, but it’s going to be too much for a whole lot of people, because while it nails the elation of besting a difficult battle, sometimes the view isn’t enough of a reward for the climb.” Read the full review on GodisaGeek.com

SNES Classic Mini review – God is a Geek

“You already know you want this, or don’t, and I can’t convince you otherwise. Whether it’s worth the money, or the heartache trying to find one is entirely up to you, but for me it’s a wonderful trip down memory lane. Gaming has moved on, some of these classics are very clear indicators of that….

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Review – God is a Geek

“If you’re in the market for some headphones for you PC or console for gaming, you’d be a fool not at least consider these, because everyone in our house that has done so, has wanted to keep them.” Read the full review on GodisaGeek.com

FIFA 18 review – God is a Geek

“FIFA is rapidly becoming such a huge game that it’s possible you already know which mode you’ll be spending your time with, but EA must remember that all modes matter. Hopefully next year Career Mode will get the attention the phenomenal FUT has received.” Read the full review on GodisaGeek.com