FIFA 18 Switch Review – God is a Geek

“It feels like a strange amalgamation of the Vita games mixed with FIFA 16 and old-gen FIFA 18, but optimised for Switch. A dated version of FIFA, then, but still a fun one, with plenty to build on for next year.” Read the full review on

Cuphead Review – God is a Geek

“There’s depth and challenge here, but it’s going to be too much for a whole lot of people, because while it nails the elation of besting a difficult battle, sometimes the view isn’t enough of a reward for the climb.” Read the full review on

SNES Classic Mini review – God is a Geek

“You already know you want this, or don’t, and I can’t convince you otherwise. Whether it’s worth the money, or the heartache trying to find one is entirely up to you, but for me it’s a wonderful trip down memory lane. Gaming has moved on, some of these classics are very clear indicators of that….

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Review – God is a Geek

“If you’re in the market for some headphones for you PC or console for gaming, you’d be a fool not at least consider these, because everyone in our house that has done so, has wanted to keep them.” Read the full review on

FIFA 18 review – God is a Geek

“FIFA is rapidly becoming such a huge game that it’s possible you already know which mode you’ll be spending your time with, but EA must remember that all modes matter. Hopefully next year Career Mode will get the attention the phenomenal FUT has received.” Read the full review on

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition review – God is a Geek

“This is very much the Wii U version with a few bells and whistles, but it’s still one of the best non-Mario platformers of the last ten years, and that’s definitely worth shouting about.” Read the full review on

Hive Motion Sensor & Window/Door Sensor review – God is a Geek

“This technology works, but it does rely on the other products that work with it. Any of these sensors are around £30, and they’re certainly a worth edition to your home if you already have other Hive products. That said, if you don’t have the bulbs or the smart plug, I can’t see any reason…

Mindhorn Blu-Ray review – God is a Geek

“Not a home run, nor a masterpiece, but a good way to spend an hour and a half, and let’s face it, anything with Barratt, Farnaby, and Coogan in is well worth a watch anyway.” Read the full review on

Sonic Mania review – GamesTM

“Nailing the speed and feel, this is the best Sonic game in as many years as we can remember. In fact, this is the game Sonic 4 should have been, all those years ago.” Read the full review in GamesTM issue 191.

Yakuza Kiwami Review – OPM

“Around the time Goro Majima appears suddenly over your shoulder dressed as a policeman and wanting a ruck while smiling and shouting in his eccentric voice, that’s when you’ll first understand what kind of game Yakuza Kiwami is. Hard shifts from ridiculous, borderline nonsensical things (stab someone in a fight, watch them rum away unharmed),…

Sudden Strike Review – OPM

“There’s a dedication to the source material in Sudden Strike 4 that you can’t help but admire. Great lengths have been traveled to ensure the minute details of conflict have been recognised, and this is a mostly successful stab at a genre that’s generally under-represented on console.” Read the full review in OPM Issue 140.