Adam Cook is an industry veteran with over ten years of games critic and video production experience. Published by Official PlayStation Magazine, NME, GamesMaster, GamesTM, Red Bull, Stuff.tv, Vice/Waypoint, Kotaku, VideoGamer, Switch Player, Telegraph, Paste Magazine, IBTimes, WCCF Tech, and more, he can provide written content, audio, or videos on games on a tight deadline while maintaining incredibly high quality.

Adam produces regular gaming news content for NME’s video channels, including Facebook, and their own video player, as well as the YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers. This work includes research, audio production, narration, writing, and video production, along with visual design for eye-catching video images.

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Previously Adam helped provide video content for Red Bull’s International eSports channel, and Games channels, showcased on the company’s Facebook and Twitter channels, promoting the written content on their website. More video production examples are on GodisaGeek’s YouTube Channel, where multiple videos are produced weekly by Adam, including a live podcast which Adam hosts and produces.

On top of freelance work, Adam is also the Editor-in-Chief of GodisaGeek.com and has helped lead the publication into a position where it’s a well known brand that’s been used in advertising campaigns, trailers, and even box-quotes.

But that’s not all! Adam is a musician/singer/songwriter and has composed and recorded the current theme tune for the VideoGamer podcast.

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