GodisaGeek: Channel Manager, Presenter & Production

Over on the GodisaGeek.com YouTube channel, Adam manages the channel as well as appearing a presenter both on and off camera. This involves SEO work, b-roll production, editing, writing, sound mixing, asset creation, voiceover, and eventual publishing.

As well as bespoke, highly produced content, he also hosts and produces (live) a podcast. The broadcast you see above was recorded live, with pre-edited intro and outro stings, then the show itself was produced live including mix, production, and then an eventual edit down to audio form for non-video watching listeners.

The channel produces reviews and previews, as well as podcast, but also shorter tips & tricks videos, which again, include asset creation, capture, and production, like below:

Adam is equally adept on camera as well as behind it, for VLOG-like content:

Finally, an example of a video review:

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