Remedy’s Brooke Maggs breaks down the brilliant storytelling of Control – Red Bull International

‘Fair warning: this is gonna be weirder than usual’. This is the opening line from Remedy Entertainment’s newest title, Control. Having made waves in 2001 with third-person shooter Max Payne, before moving onto the thriller genre for 2010’s Xbox exclusive titles Alan Wake and 2016’s Quantum Break, Remedy are now multi-platform and Control has been released to critical acclaim, with theories rising as to what’s going on in this weird and wonderful game.

Brooke Maggs, narrative designer on Control, has had an interesting career already. An Australian, who moved to Finland, her career includes work on the likes of the award winning titles Florence and The Gardens Between. In her own words, she was “lucky to get a Women in Games grant from Victoria and that gave me some money to advance my career in any way I deemed possible”. She proposed to go overseas to see how narrative is done in larger studios, spending time at Remedy and Double Fine and then being offered a job by the former. Logistics be damned, she had to fly home to finish the grant money, take some time off, then pack up and move to Finland to work on Control.

Read the full interview on Red Bull International.

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