Taking Credits: We speak with Jesper Kyd about Borderlands 3’s music – Red Bull International

You may not have heard of Jesper Kyd, but you’ve definitely heard his work. Aside from the small matter of scoring 2K and Gearbox Software’s upcoming loot-em-up shooter, Borderlands 3, Kyd is a BAFTA award winner and MTV nominated composer, having worked on numerous games series such as Hitman, Darksiders, State of Decay, Assassin’s Creed and many more. So, sure, you may not know his name, but you’ve definitely had multiple gaming moments enriched by his work.

A good game score can elevate moments – happy or sad – so we spoke with Kyd about his work on Borderlands 3 (along with other games), finding out how a video game composer’s job actually works, and of course, what the future may bring with the ever-looming shadow of the next-generation of consoles.

Read the full interview on Red Bull International.

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