Master the tracks with these V-Rally 4 tips – Red Bull International

“Starting in 1997 and published by numerous companies across the world, Infogrames’ V-Rally series was always a popular one, offering a different take on racing to the Gran Turismos or Destruction Derbys of the world, thanks to the titular rallying that was unique and tough. Make no mistake, driving a car across dirt tracks as the wheels strain for traction is a difficult thing, and V-Rally strived for realism and difficulty, while somehow maintaining an almost arcadey feel, as well.

Fast forward to right now, and Kylotonn are back with a new take on the series after a 15-year break. There’s also a new publisher, BigBen on board – the people who put out the WRC, TT Isle of Man, and FlatOut racing games. V-Rally 4 is just as tricky to master as you’d expect, so we’re here to help ensure you don’t spin out at the first corner and end up in the water upside down.”

Read the full article on Red Bull International.

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