The industry secrets that would have made huge some games very different – VideoGamer

“In your time as a video game critic/hot-take online-personality, you tend to make friends with people in high-up places. We’re talking the result of the Great British Bake-Off before it’s aired high-up places, here, and those friends will often give you nuggets of information that you can never air publicly, even though you desperately want to. They range from games that aren’t announced, to people who are just absolute bellends but act like they’re cool.

But now and again you get the ultimate information: the secret games; the massive decisions; the huge fallouts. These might be games that were fully formed ideas and even had some pre-production work done to them, but got changed for some secret reason. These are the ideas that never got out to you, the game playing public, and I’m here to tell you all my secrets. These are the secrets that never quite got out of the early phases, but will blow your minds.”

Read the full article on VideoGamer.

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