These are the 10 best retro game cheats ever – Red Bull International

“Imagine Dark Souls with cheat codes. You’d get to Ornstein and Smough, input a command on the controller that made you to 10,000 damage per strike, reducing them to nothing more than a joke as you laughed in their faces. What about notoriously difficult rogue-like Spelunky? What if you could pop a code in that made you invincible, or even invisible, so the shopkeeper couldn’t see you stealing his wares. That was the kind of thing we used to be able to do with cheat codes. Ah, those were the days.

Some were absolutely ‘enter this to win’ codes, others were just plain daft, and some even unlocked things that developers couldn’t quite get past the powers that be. These are the 10 best and, in some cases, weirdest retro cheat codes ever.”

Read the full feature on Red Bull International.

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