Detroit: Become Human Review – God is a Geek

“As usual, there’s heart here, but it’s obfuscated by some poor writing and a message that’s just a little too on the nose for its own good. But that’s a Hollywood blockbuster, isn’t it? You come for the explosions and remember the cheesy tear-jerker moments, but Detroid is relentlessly bleak, and I didn’t find myself warming to the story as much as I was simply enjoying moving the thing along. The lack of a run button rather rams home the notion it’s a little too in love with itself, and more than ever it feels as though David Cage is a terrific ideas man who desperately needs someone to tell him “no”. It’s not bad, by any means, but with a game this story heavy, it needs to be better. The gameplay is fun enough though very simplistic, and it’s as high-a-budget one of these type of game as you’ll find, but like all of us, really, it just needs to be better.”

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