These are the Fortnite streamers you need to follow – Red Bull

“Given the runaway success of Fortnite, it’s no surprise that everyone who live streams games, is doing so with the Battle Royale blast. But the thing is, there’s a lot more depth to the game than people think. How do you build the best bases, and what style of player suits you best? These questions can be answered by watching the best of the best.

This is even more important now, because Epic Games are updating Battle Royale at a phenomenal rate, bringing new ideas into the fray and forcing us to relearn things we thought we had down. Will the new Port-a-Fort be a viable tool, or is it for the noobs out there? These are the streamers that will help you improve, blow your minds, or just give you a good laugh. Worth noting, by the way, a lot of these streamers use strong language, so be mindful when watching streams at work, you naughty people.”

Read the full article on Red Bull International.

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