7 ways FIFA 19 will change the game forever – Red Bull

“It’s that time of year again. The time when, let’s be honest, we’ve eased off on our nightly FIFA sessions; our Ultimate Team has become as ‘ultimate’ as it really ever will, and we’re even calming down on selling players for big money, too. We’re starting to keep one eye on the calendar, because E3 2018 will be a big one, as that’s usually when EA reveal the first details on the latest FIFA.

We can’t wait. Autumn 2018 can’t come soon enough (assuming EA release the new game when they usually do) so we can get our mitts on the game and see what’s changed, and start our new Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and perhaps, a third episode of Alex Hunter’s Journey.

Until then though, we’ve had some thoughts on what we’re hoping EA might do to make FIFA 19 the greatest football game ever, and here are our seven ways that they could do it.”

Read the full article on Red Bull International.

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