How Crytek are making their own monster hunter game with Hunt: Showdown – Red Bull

“Yeah, but can it run Crysis?”

It’s a phrase that PC gamers have used sincerely, and later, as a joke. As the developers of Crysis, Crytek have a storied history of making PC games that are visual spectacles, often requiring monster rigs to run at a satisfactory level. They also made the first Far Cry game for Ubisoft, worked with EA on the Crysis series, created Ryse: Son of Rome for Microsoft’s Xbox One launch and, most recently, even dropped into VR game development with rock-climbing title The Climb for Oculus Rift in 2016, before dipping back into first-person shooter territory with another VR game that same year.

What we’re saying, is that Crytek as a studio have made some interesting, graphical powerhouse games. Now, though, they’re turning their hands to something different. This time they’re wading deep into the multiplayer landscape, so we thought it’d be the right time to chat to Fatih Özbayram, Producer on their new game, a title that dips its toes into a lot of different genres, and is most certainly an interesting prospect. This is Hunt: Showdown.

Read the full article on Red Bull.

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