The young PES 2018 players you need to sign – Red Bull

“Master League has always been a hugely addictive feature of Pro Evolution Soccer. Getting stuck in and spending all year playing with your favourite team (or even just one that you think might be fun to be managed) and taking them to the top before moving on to the next challenge is one of the most rewarding feelings in gaming.

It’s very easy, though, to fall into the routine of selecting a big money team and buying the best players. The strangely satisfying feeling of seeing Ronaldo or Messi in a Manchester United shirt might be good at first, but eventually you need more, and this is where youth comes in. Scouting a player, noticing a stat that you can nurture and grow ultimately becomes the truly rewarding way to be successful. Taking the reigns of a team that you know has a weakness and finding a young player who’ll make that difficult spot his own and grow from a 75 overall rating to a beastly 90-plus is the real game, right?”

Read the full article on Red Bull.

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