How games as a service are changing the way we play – Red Bull

“To say that gaming is changing would be a massive understatement. Games used to be a physical-only thing and if you’re old enough you’ll remember the huge boxes PC games used to be packaged in – the cardboard monstrosities that would fill our homes. The past few years have seen a steady rise in the move towards digital and where PSN, Steam, or Xbox Live purchases used to be reserved for the smaller indie titles, we’re now pre-ordering Destiny 2’s digital version or preloading Monster Hunter: World so we can start playing immediately.

One thing that nobody seemed to like was the bad old days of new iterations of the same games each year. But now developers and publishers have realised that players have been getting more savvy and sequels have to do something special to justify an annual purchase. Big changes are happening because the yearly sequel is on the way out in favour of a new model: games as a service (GaaS).”

Read the full feature on Red Bull.

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