7 things we want to see from Fable IV – Red Bull

“With the phenomenon that is PUBG hitting Xbox and already selling over 1m copies, it’s clear that the team at Microsoft need to build on this and continue bringing exclusive titles to the console. While it’s sometimes claimed that the makers of the Xbox don’t have the stable of characters and properties to pull from in the way Sony and Nintendo do, this is a bit unfair, and is forgetting the whimsy and charm of the Peter Molyneux-created series, Fable.

Now, the rumour mill is in overdrive suggesting that Fable IV is on its way. Interestingly, these rumours are suggesting that Playground Games, the developers famous for making the incredible Forza Horizon series, are on hand to craft our return to Albion. Playground themselves were recently advertising for a job that mentioned the successful applicant would be working on a “large-scale open world action/RPG AAA title from the outset”, which sure sounds like Fable, right?. But what would a new Fable game need to do to be great? We’ve been thinking about exactly that, so here are the things we want to see in Fable IV.”

Read the full feature on Red Bull.

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