The 8 PC indie hits we need on Switch, now – Red Bull

“While big third parties like EA are still testing the waters with their great games in the form of FIFA, the indie devs have been supporting the Switch like crazy. We’ve got the likes of Stardew Valley and Rocket League already, and other charmers like Hollow Knight on the way. But there’s room for more,…

9 of the best cases for the Apple iPhone X –

“The Apple iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever. It’s also officially the most breakable iPhone ever, according to the billion or so drop tests cluttering up YouTube recently. Put these two facts together and you have either a recipe for disaster or a cast-iron need for a good case. But fear not, because…

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Review – GodisaGeek

“Ultra Sun and Moon feel like the definitive version of an already fantastic game. With plenty to do after the credits have rolled, and new content sprinkled across the story, this is a fitting swansong for Pokemon on the DS family.” Read the full review on

Call of Duty: WWII Review –

“CoD WWII is a game that wants to have its grizzled, back-to-basics cake and eat it too. For the most part, it gets away with walking this audacious tightrope. Underneath its ultra-visceral graphical polish is the thrilling spirit of arguably the series’ high point: Call of Duty 2. Clichés and marketing buzzwords be damned, but…

Xbox One X Review – GodisaGeek

“Sure, you’ve got the best of both worlds if you do have a 4K HDR capable TV, but it’s the potential draw of the higher frame rate that impresses.” Read the full review on