The 10 most legendary Pokémon of all time – Red Bull

“Discovering a strange Pokedex entry is a magical thing. These small sections of flavour text give us backstory to our favourite pocket monsters, but they can also make us laugh, or even scare us.

Although Ash is seen as the hero of the series, he’s obviously nothing without his friends and his Pokémon. But what you may not realise is that, according to the Pokedex, there are some truly legendary Pokémon out there. No, not Articuno and all those snooty elemental birds. We mean heroic, lifesaving Pokémon who don’t just help their trainer out in a bind, but mankind as a whole. These are the 10 that, although they may not affect your game dramatically, are the real heroes of the Pokémon universe, at least according to their backstories.”

Read the full article on Red Bull.

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