We still can’t play these 360 classics on Xbox One – Red Bull

“It’s been a bumper year for gamers, there’s no denying it. From Horizon Zero Dawn to to a new Uncharted tale in The Lost Legacy, we’ve never had it so good. But there are a plethora of games from the last generation that we need to be able to play on our current hardware.

Microsoft’s Xbox One has a superb attitude to backwards compatibility, bringing in a few games every now and then, almost teasing us over what’s missing. If you owned a game on Xbox 360 digitally or on a disc and it comes to Xbox One back-compat, you’re quids in, and you can just play it right away. But the list is still far from total, and there are some gems still waiting their turn to shine one more: these are the games we’re still missing, and can’t wait to play on Xbox One once more.”

Read the full article on Red Bull.

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