The new modes that make PES 2018 sing – Red Bull

“It must be difficult for game developers; challenged every few years with inventing new, exciting reasons for us to go out and spend our hard-earned cash on their product. But somehow they achieve it. We get hyped for the latest game in our favourite long-running franchise, we go out and get it, we play it to death – and then we ask for more.

But it must be especially difficult for the people behind sports games. Whether it’s football, basketball, or driving, how can you add to a product that is, at its core, about playing the sport you love? Perhaps spurred on by the new ideas promised in FIFA 18, Konami have made sure that this year’s Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 2018, has added to the raft of features, and we’re here to give you the skinny on what they are, and why they’re so exciting.”

Read the full article on Red Bull.

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