What to expect from Sony at E3 2017 – Red Bull


“No impartial observer would argue that Sony aren’t the market leaders right now. First out of the gate with 4K gaming, also leading the way with console-based Virtual Reality, and with multiple PS4 console variants on sale, we all know that Microsoft are the ones who have to impress this E3 with their Xbox keynote, not Sony.

But is that actually the case, though? You don’t stay on top by resting on your laurels. Despite the recent release of Farpoint, PSVR has been very quiet of late, and although boost mode came to PS4 Pro (allowing earlier PS4 games to benefit from the Pro console), Horizon Zero Dawn aside we’re not being told what to look forward to if we’ve invested in 4K TVs. So, then, what will Sony do this year? Never fear, we’ve got you covered.”

Read the full article on Red Bull.

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