Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers review – GodisaGeek

” I still like and enjoy Street Fighter 2, though I’d prefer to play a more modern fighter. Including Violent Ken and Evil Ryu is a boon, but newcomers won’t care. Whatever you do think about SF2, this is far, far too expensive a price point for what is on the cart. While I can heartily endorse it as a good, sometimes great fighting game, I really can’t recommend buying it this price. So it’s a conundrum, then. A good game that costs too much. I wonder what a young Adam Cook would make of me saying £40 is too much for his beloved SF2 on the train. Ah well, who cares, he’s in the past and can’t hurt us now, and there’s possibly an argument that says SF2 should have stayed there, too.”

Read the full review on GodisaGeek.

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