8 things not to do in Prey – Red Bull

“After over three years working on their latest game, Arkane Studios have delivered pretty much what they set out to create: Prey is a space dungeon for you to explore and survive. With plenty of beats inspired by the likes of System Shock and Bioshock, the heavy focus on story, exploration and combat makes for a superb game, and one that begs to be indulged over a nice lengthy period of time.

With unknown alien forces hunting you down, and a huge space station to explore, you bet you can make plenty of mistakes during your investigation of the Talos-1 – but we’re here to help. We’ve gone out of our way and explored the depths of the space station to make sure you don’t make any any bad judgment calls, ending up with no ammo and only one save file to play with. While you’re toying with new weapons and alien powers, just make sure you don’t do any of these things during your journey – don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

Read the full article on Red Bull

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