Linelight review – GamesMaster

“Brett Taylor’s ethereal, relaxing puzzler feels like everything the world needs right now. A magical little game that takes away all of your worries and transports you for a fleeting moment to a better place. Yes, it’s that good, and yet you’ve never heard of it until right now.” Read more in GamesMaster issue 315

Sniper Elite 4 review – GamesMaster

“As the high speed sniper bullet zooms towards the target, so many questions come to mind. Most importantly, you’ll be asking yourself why you are watching a slow motion x-ray camera of a man’s testicles exploding. The obvious answer is that it’s an accident. You were staking out a enemy camp that’s patrolled by a…

Ghost Recon Wildlands review – Stuff

“Best played with friends, Wildlands is a surprisingly addictive and fun tactical shooter – with an absolutely massive world to explore.” Read the full review on

NieR: Automata review – VideoGamer

“NieR: Automata has more creativity and self-awareness in its little finger than most games have for their entire run time. Don’t miss this because it’s sandwiched between other, bigger games.” Read the full review on VideoGamer

Nintendo Switch review – GodisaGeek

“Nintendo continues to make products that fill you with gleeful joy. Switch is a new way to play, and one that looks to bring everyone back into the fold.” Read the full review on