Yakuza 0 review – GamesMaster

“You’re shopping for a group of homeless men who work for a company of dubious repute, and they all want a variety of alcoholic beverages – only then will they give you the information you need. It’s an early opportunity to take a proper look at where your adventure is taking place, with a chance to knock some heads along the way and earn some cash. Yakuza 0 is the ultimate gangster game, but it’s surprisingly full of heart and humour.

So much of what makes Yakuza 0 special is actually how it takes place in past history, and throws back to games like Metal Gear Solid. It’s unafraid to ask you to set the controller down for an extended cutscene introduction. On that note, the playable character introduced second, Goro Majima, has one of the best introduction sequences we’ve seen in years. In fact, it might just be one of the best cutscenes in gaming history. ”

Read more in GamesMaster issue 314

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