Dragon Quest VIII review – GamesMaster

“This is a game that requires planning, and can punish any poor planning; though not as much as it used to. Originally, if you were foolish enough to not save your game after a few hours, a party wipe in one of many dungeons would mean you’ve lost all that progress. Now, though, a quick-save option means you are never far from safety, and although you can eventually warp to a church to save your game properly anyway, it’s a nice concession made towards the modern era of games we now find ourselves in.

But this is still a tough experience, make no mistake. Even the first boss battle will take time, and you might even lose a character. Given that it’s more than ten years old, you can expect to sometimes need to grind some levels to ensure you’re not facing extreme odds when challenging your foes.”

Read more in GamesMaster issue 313.

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