The Last Guardian review – GamesMaster

“After being announced in 2007, it’s fair to say this is a game that has had it’s share of development problems. Originally a PS3 game, Fumito Ueda’s direction and Sony’s devotion to the project has finally brought the game to life on PS4, and made a game that has been kicking about forever feel fairly fresh again, with a graphical sheen that, while it doesn’t compete with the very best the console has to offer, certainly looks better than it did when we first saw it nearly a decade ago.

But that’s not to say it’s without its shortcomings. In so many ways, this is a throwback of a game. There’s no multiplayer, the menus are pretty sparse, and very few trophies pop up (most appear after the credits). No, this is just a story driven single-player, third-person action adventure experience, and bizarrely, without the trappings of a modern videogame or the machinations of a publisher who is more concerned with keeping you playing the multiplayer for months after release than making a memorable game, it feels all the more focused for it.”

Read more in GamesMaster issue 312.

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