The 8 best games of 2016 that you probably missed – Stuff

“You already know about the AAA titles you haven’t played, because they’ve been advertised at your eyeballs practically non-stop. This list is about the games that you’ve never even heard of, or those with names you recognise but about which you know nothing more.” Read the full article on

The Last Guardian review – GamesMaster

“After being announced in 2007, it’s fair to say this is a game that has had it’s share of development problems. Originally a PS3 game, Fumito Ueda’s direction and Sony’s devotion to the project has finally brought the game to life on PS4, and made a game that has been kicking about forever feel fairly…

Final Fantasy XV review – Stuff

“A brilliant open world with so much to do long after the story has finished. It may not be the best Final Fantasy ever made, but it’s an incredibly good ride all the same” Read the full review on